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Adjustable 4 Pack Threaded Bed Frame Anti-Shake Tool

  • Improve the Quality of Your Sleep: The bed frame anti-shake tool can reduce the noise caused by the unstable structure of the bed or other furniture, give you a quiet and comfortable home environment, and enjoy your life!
  • Height Adjustable: The length of each bed head holder can be adjusted freely and the number of adjusting screws can be reduced or increased by 33-44mm (0 Screw), 47-64mm (1 Screw), 64-87mm (2 Screw), 84-110mm (3 Screw).
  • Easy Installation: The side of the base with double-sided tape is glued to the head of the bed, and then the side of the EVA pad is twisted by hand until it is against the wall. No complicated operation, easy to fix furniture.
  • Wide Range of Uses: This Adjustable Threaded Bed Frame anti-shake tool can be used in many places, as long as the center of gravity is unstable or easy to shake the object can be used. Such as bed, cabinet, chair, sofa and other objects used against the wall.
  • Superglue and EVA protective pads have been installed on the bed frame anti-shake tool in advance, making your use easier and more convenient!

The bed frame anti-shake tool can help you fix furniture, prevent furniture from shaking, reduce the source of household noise, and enjoy good home life.

The length can be adjusted freely to meet the needs of various degrees.
33-44mm (0 screw)
47-64mm (1 Screw)
64-87mm (2 Screw)
84-110mm (3 Screw)

Measure the distance between your shaking furniture and the wall, then choose the right size Adjustable Threaded Bed Frame anti-shake tool to hold it in place.

Our bed frame anti-shake tools the superglue and EVA protective pad have been installed in advance. You only need to fix the Bedside Headboard Stoppers in the position where you need to use them, and then adjust the appropriate length by rotating or increasing or decreasing the number of screws. Installation and use are very simple and convenient.

EVA protective pads can not only strengthen furniture more stably but also protect the wall from furniture damage.

Box contains:
  • 4 Pieces Bed Frames Anti-Shake Tool
  • 8 screws. 

Estimated delivery: 3-5 days

Shipping: It can only be delivered to only UK mainlands