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My Baby Playpen

  • Perfect for both Babies & Parents--- Babies play&crawl inside the child safety fence and parents can look after them outside it directly while doing housework or chatting,gossiping without worrying about their safety! What a play center for babies! What a release for Parents!
  • This ball pit playpen made of high-quality stainless steel tube and sturdy nylon cloths, designed with breathable and visible mesh. You can observe your baby's behavior in the playpen easily. Good to pay attention to the baby's dynamic and keep them safe.
  • Assembled and washable baby play yard: The baby circle is light enough to be lifted with one hand, so even a single woman assembles and moves. It is safe even if it gets dirty because the cloth can be washed. It is easy to portable and washable.NOTE: COLOR BALLS ARE EXCLUDED.
  • The square & rectangle play yard fence providing much room for kids and their friends to play and parents can put more dolls, balls rattle into it. Babies will feel so happy when playing in it. Note: When your children play in the ball pit tent, Please put carpet, play mat, or other soft things at the bottom of the playpen to support it, which will make your children play in a safe environment.
  • The play yard is very easy to install and carry, you can use it in many places, indoors and outdoors like the park, beach, grass, and any other places.3 months warranty: For defects and defects in normal use we will guarantee a 3 month from the delivery date. Please contact our customer service.

Product Description


  • Ball Shooting: There comes with a little basket in the playpen, parents can add some play balls (not included) inside, and kids can play ball games and shooting the balls into the basket inside the fence freely, promoting the playing atmosphere for toddlers.
  • Better Care for the Baby: When the family outing to the countryside to bring a fence, sleeping baby can play tried in the fence, avoiding the baby is out of supervision but adults can relax themselves instead of carrying the kid all the time.
  • Helpful for housekeeping: This playpen apply a larger space, you can put various toys inside the play yard, the fence will be the super space for your kid, he or she can play games inside rather than crawling the whole house and throwing the toys everywhere so that the safety fence will be helpful to maintain a clean and tidy home for you.
  • USING NOTICE: 1. Inquire on flat ground and as far as possible in the lighting area. 2. IT canNOT be placed in the water place, not face up to use. 3. Check the pipe before use and interface are installed 4. It should be far from easy to falling objects when using, prevent injuring the baby 5. Inquire where far from the fire source 6. The use of this product is not worn shoes, because the soles of mud, stone, will very easy to scratch the products, thus affecting the quality of the product.
  • Age: > 6 months
  • Model Number: Playpen For Baby
  • Type: Playpen
  • Ages: For 0-6 years old
  • Playpen material: Stainless steel tube + Oxford mesh + PP plastic parts
  • Square Playpen size: 107*128*128cm
  • Rectangle Playpen size: 107*235*129cm

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